UIEtips: iPhone App Design – When an Awkward Interface Makes Sense

Jared Spool

March 8th, 2011

We’ve all been there. Your mobile phone, tucked away in your back pocket, accidentally dials someone you have no intent on speak with. Or perhaps you deleted an important message to quickly.

Mishaps do happen with mobile devices, but there are ways that design can protect against those accidental occurrences or even undue the mistakes. The Apple iPhone is a great example of incorporating design that prevents these unwanted mistakes.

In this week’s UIETips article, we’re reprinting an article that Josh Clark, author of Tapworthy, wrote back in October. Josh does a great job explaining different design interfaces that Apple used in their iPhone to prevent you from deleting important items or doing unwanted actions with your phone.

Read Josh’s article, iPhone App Design – When an Awkward Interface Makes Sense.

If you’re looking for more on mobile design techniques, we have 2 opportunities for you. First is Josh Clark’s upcoming UIE Virtual Seminar on March 17—Designing Tapworthy Mobile Apps.

Your second opportunity is the Web App Masters Tour in Philadelphia, Seattle, or Minneapolis. At the tour, Josh will guide us through the decision making process of whether to build native mobile apps or web-based interfaces. Learn more about Josh’s session. If you’re planning on registering for the tour in Philadelphia, use the promotion code WAMT300 and get a $200 discount.

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