UIEtips: Usability Testing – Oh, The Things You Can Learn

Jared Spool

March 25th, 2011

Almost 23 years ago, UIE started with the goal of conducting usability tests for clients. For many years, we made quite a good business of this.

Now, it feels like we do our best to convince people they should be conducting tests on their own, even those folks who want to pay us. Don’t get me wrong: we love to conduct usability tests. We think they are great fun and we learn something every time.

That’s just it. We learn things the clients should be learning themselves. In a typical project, if we’re lucky, we might communicate half of what we learn about the client’s users, designs, and team members back to the client. In our minds, that’s too much waste of important information, left in our minds and not integrated into the thinking of the client.

In this week’s UIEtips, I look back on an article I wrote in 2007, Usability Testing: Oh, The Things You Can Learn. In the article, I catalogue some of the things a team learns when they put together their own usability tests, starting with recruiting and ending with the analysis. Of course, in a short article, I couldn’t cover everything, but I think I nailed the important stuff nobody ever talks about.

Read the article, Usability Testing – Oh, the Things You Can Learn.

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