Convincing Your Boss to Invest in You

Lauren Cramer

March 29th, 2011

Go ahead. Ask the Question.

You’re eager to attend the Web App Masters Tour. You know you’ll put into practice the insights that Jared Spool, Luke Wroblewski and Josh Clark share on mobile design. Your brain will be full of ideas from Stephen Anderson and Noah Iliinsky’s take on data visualization. The tips and techniques you take-away from the Masters at Faceboook, PatientsLikeMe,, AARP, and Netflix will prove extremely useful. You see the value in attending the Web App Masters Tour. But how do you persuade your boss to spend the money on you?

Convincing your boss to send you to a conference is not easy. There are expenses, and the time out of the office. Your manager needs to understand the benefits of investing in you.

We’re going to help you. Use these points to help convince your boss why you need to attend the Web App Masters Tour. But besides highlighting these points to your boss, you need to show you really want to go. You need to ask, “May I register for the Web App Masters Tour?”

Invest in your skills—Spending money now to send you to the conference will save the company money in the near and far future. It’s considerably more expensive to search and recruit new talent with a skill set your team needs. Companies who invest in their employees reap the benefits of your new skills and save money by leveraging your new-found expertise.

Invest in your site’s experience—Attending the Web App Masters Tour advances your skill set, allowing you to bring more functionality to your company’s web site. By improving the user experience, your users are likely to spend more time on your site, which in turn, will bring more revenue.

Invest in a motivated, productive, and happy team member—One of the most frequent comments we hear from past attendees is how inspired and motivated they felt at the end of the conference. You too will be eager to implement the new ideas and skills you gain at the conference.

You’ll learn how to communicate your data and content with visualization techniques. You’ll gain valuable advice on how to better map out the direction your company should take with mobile. And you’ll pick up best practices and tips and techniques for your design process.

Now figure out which Tour you want to attend, Seattle on May 23-24 or Minneapolis on June 27-28. Choose the date, take these points to your boss, and ask the question, “May I go to the Web App Masters Tour?”

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