UIEtips: Mobile Strategy, Data Visualization, and Design Process – Big Challenges, Big Rewards

Jared Spool

April 22nd, 2011

“There are no problems, only opportunities. However, there are some insurmountable opportunities.” Just when we thought we knew what we were doing, suddenly we realize everything has changed.

We thought we had finally mastered building great applications on the desktop, only to realize that we now have to challenges of the mobile platform to deal with. We now discover that people want to have new insights into the massive amounts of data available. And our design process now needs to be faster than ever.

In building great applications, we have to overcome challenges we’ve never faced before. However, what we’re discovering is that with each new solution, we see happier users and better business results.

In today’s UIEtips, we look at some of these challenges and what they entail. We also see the rewards that come from them and how they delight our users, improve our business, and make the world that much better. I know you’ll enjoy the article.

Read the article Mobile Strategy, Data Visualization, and Design Process: Big Challenges, Big Rewards.

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