Luke Wroblewski – Designing Mobile Web Experiences Live!

Sean Carmichael

May 12th, 2011


This is a session sample from Luke’s talk at our Philadelphia Web App Masters Tour stop. You can still catch Luke at our Seattle and Minneapolis stops.

Mobile design is becoming more important everyday. As the technology and capabilities get better so can the users’ experience. Taking advantage of this technology affords you the opportunity to create great experiences for your users.

Luke Wroblewski is at the forefront of mobile design. He champions a mobile first design process to improve user experience on all platforms. In his talk, Designing Mobile Web Experiences, from this year’s Web App Masters Tour, Luke discusses the capabilities of mobile devices, new usage behaviors, and the future possibilities.

Mobile Device shipments are outpacing PCs

With every prediction about mobile device sales or mobile web usage, the reality has come sooner than projected. It’s no surprise that the increase in usage has come along with better technology, faster connection speeds and a design mindset specific to mobile applications.

Mobile usage stats for Twitter

Mobile inherently allows for different behavior than a desktop would. Luke offers that the “personal computer” is no longer the classic desktop or laptop set up on our desks or in our offices, but our mobile devices that we have with us all the time. Since mobile devices allow this personal nature, apps like Twitter and Yelp! are seeing exponential growth in their mobile usage and changes in their users’ behavior.

Mobile Web usage stats

The mobile web and mobile applications are not going away. Mobile is beginning to dominate the landscape and is becoming the main access point to the web for many people. Understanding the constraints of mobile devices will help you streamline your design. Taking advantage of the capabilities of mobile devices and understanding mobile behaviors will help you enhance your users’ experience.

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Recorded: March, 2011
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