UIEtips: Who Is on the UX Team

Jared Spool

June 2nd, 2011

In almost every organization, design is a team activity. Yet how often do we sit down and discuss how the best teams work?

To understand what it takes to create great designs, we’ve spent time with dozens of teams, some of whom are great at getting creative engaging designs out the door. And some that, well, could use a little more practice. Or something.

And we now have a handle on what that something is. In today’s UIEtips, I talk about an important difference between the best and not-so-best teams. Read the article to find out who should be on your team.

What are you doing to keep your team as productive as possible? How are you embracing your extended design team members? Leave your ideas and thoughts below.

2 Responses to “UIEtips: Who Is on the UX Team”

  1. Samantha LeVan Says:

    The team I work with is mostly co-located though I work two hours away. The concept of remote team members is relatively new but we work hard to find new ways of collaboration through video chat, phone, web conferencing, and team sites with blogs and discussion boards. To stay in touch with reality, I visit for a few days at least once per quarter, attending those all-important department meetings, brainstorming, sketching, and the important face time with the talented guys I work with.

    In my ideal world, we’d all mostly work from home (or wherever) but with a coworking space that team members can use to brainstorm and collaborate, coming and going as they please. This requires that the team be super diligent, self-motivated, and have a true commitment to the organization and their projects. Not everyone can handle remote work and not all organizations can support it.

  2. Daniel Szuc Says:

    Enjoyable reading 🙂

    Liked this – “Everyone was developing a common vocabulary and understanding of what design is and how they could do it better.”

    What components or artifacts are required to get that common understanding?

    This is the one thing I see missing in many teams – working in silos without a common language towards delivering great experiences.


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