It’s the Final Tour Stop for the Band

Jared Spool

June 3rd, 2011

We’ve received rave reviews from the Philadelphia and Seattle Tour stops. You have one last chance to catch us, and after this performance, we’re breaking up the band.

The last stop of the UIE Web App Masters Tour is in Minneapolis, June 27-28. Hundreds of web application designers, from all over have found inspiration from our world-class experts. Experience it yourself later this month. And below, you’ll find a special offer to help make attending this Tour stop a little easier.

The UIE Web App Masters Tour is coming to an end. I’m sad because I really wish we could keep going, bringing this merry band of thought leaders to designers all over the world. I’m excited because every tour stop gets better than the last. Minneapolis is sure to be our best.

But don’t just take our word on how awesome this Tour is. Here’s what some past attendees had to say:

I received valuable, instantly applicable action items that will improve my products with regards to design and user search.
– Seattle attendee

I went to #UIEWAMT to find a direction and you guys definitely provided me with one. Many, many thanks.
– @PattiHermoso

We loved our experience at #UIEWAMT and found the content very valuable for our current environment. Thank you to all the presenters!
– @cognitionstudio

Absolutely one of the BEST conferences I’ve been to. Each speaker brought valuable lessons we can take away with us.
– Philadelphia attendee

This Tour Changes the Way You Design

Across two days, nine leading experts in web-based application design share their experience and wisdom, to show you concrete examples on how to take your work to new levels. They tackle the issues of mobile strategy, data visualization, design patterns, engagement, and process best practices. Attendees come away with a full brain and a pile of new ideas, ready to start making improvements right away.

These 9 Masters rock this Tour.

    Stephen Anderson shows us how to engage users by presenting information in a clearer and more precise manner.

    Josh Clark tackles the question of building a web-based interface or implementing a native app.

    Luke Wroblewski dazzles us on how to think about and design for Web organization, actions, inputs, and layout on small screens.

    Noah Iliinsky demonstrates how to turn mountains of data into beautiful visualizations.

    Bill Scott shares his collection of design patterns and best practices for creating immersing and rich experiences.

    Kate Brigham describes how PatientsLikeMe translates data that is mind-boggling in complexity into useful simplicity.

    Aviva Rosenstein gives you a peek on how take advantage of cutting-edge UX techniques.

    Mike Lee explains how his team at AARP incorporates a design strategy through major organizational changes.

    Jared Spool shares the latest UIE research in two presentations.

Read all about each Master’s session on the web site.

Special Deal for Our Blog Readers

It would be downright awful if you missed this last tour stop. So we’ve put together a special deal. Just use the promotion code TOURBLOG when you register and you’ll get the $895 price – $200 off from the final price. Be sure to register by June 21 to get this discount.

Don’t miss the event of a lifetime. Join us in Minneapolis and inject new energy and inspiration into your designs.

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