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UIEtips: Building a Community through Stories and Data

Jared Spool

June 22nd, 2011

Through the years we interviewed some awesome UX professionals and designers. Many have shared tips and techniques that shed light on new approaches and thinking in the world of design. Today’s article is based on one of those podcasts.

Kate Brigham and her group at PatientsLikeMe are doing amazing work when it comes to online communities. They’ve created and nurtured an environment where patients can share information and their stories through data visualization. Below is part of the transcript from my interview with Kate earlier this year. After you read the article, you’ll definitely want to hear the rest of the podcast and encourage anyone you know with a chronic or life changing illness to explore

Read the article, Building a Community through Stories and Data or listen to the podcast.

And you can hear Kate in person at our last stop of the Web App Masters Tour
in Minneapolis on June 27-28. Get all the details of her talk and the 8 other masters at

If you haven’t explored the UIE podcast library (hopefully you knew of its existence), it’s time you did. Many of our upcoming UIE Virtual Seminar presenters, like Dan Brown and Dan Rubin (our June webinars) have podcasts. It’s a good way to hear their expertise and see why we think they’re so great. Explore the podcast library.

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