UI16 is Here! Dial Up Your UX Skills

Jared Spool

July 25th, 2011

Have a look into a project we’ve been working on for a year now. A special event, designed for UX Professionals, just like you. The User Interface 16 Conference.

These experts will dive deep and get to the nitty-gritty details that make any designer a UX pro. Look at the intensive full-day workshops we’re putting together for you.

  • Brandon Schauer: Immerse your team in an innovative design process that produces refined design ideas in record time.
  • Kevin Hoffman: Facilitate productive and insightful kickoff workshops to start your projects with everything you need.
  • Hagan Rivers: Employ best practices to simplify your most complex applications with state-of-the-art UI techniques.
  • Steve Portigal: Drive your design with effective field research to deliver innovative results.
  • Bill Scott: Discover the latest rich interaction techniques for engaging user experiences.
  • Kim Goodwin: Compose compelling stories that drive a realistic design process from start to finish.
  • Stephanie Sullivan Rewis and Greg Rewis: Enhance your designs with HTML5 and CSS3 without sacrificing your design goals.
  • Luke Wroblewski: Integrate mobile design’s best practices and techniques into your process.

Get more information on the workshop topics and speakers at UICONF.com.

Details on the Sneak Preview Site

In the next few weeks, more details about the agenda and workshop will emerge. However, you can get a view into our special sneak preview site now.

And because the site is in the sneak preview mode, we’re offering a sneak preview price – our lowest price, of $1,349.

On Wednesday, July 27 at 1:00 pm, registration will open.

There are 100 spots available at the special low price of $1,349. Once they are gone, they are gone and you’ll have to buy one of the more expensive spots.

There is a way to get a jump start on registration, and learn about exclusive offers and the latest UI16 news. Add your email to the UI16 list at UICONF.com and you’ll automatically get added to the priority group.

Now go see the 8 different design workshops we have in store for you at UICONF.com.

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