UIEtips: Designing with Scenarios – Putting Personas to Work

Jared Spool

July 29th, 2011

Storytelling is a natural form of expression. We’ve all been telling stories from a very young age. Scenarios are the stories that drive design decisions. They put the design into the context of how and why the user will interact with it.

Earlier this year, Kim presented a UIE Virtual Seminar, Designing with Scenarios: Putting Your Personas to Work. There were so many awesome questions, but we ran out of time for Kim to answer them. So Kim and Adam recorded a podcast addressing the unanswered questions.

Today’s UIEtips article is based on Adam and Kim’s podcast focusing on 2 questions: Do you need data to effectively do scenarios, and what’s the difference between scenarios and storyboarding?

Read the article Designing with Scenarios: Putting Your Personas to Work.

Kim Goodwin is our go to person when it comes to personas and scenarios. If you missed her virtual seminar, in May, you can still access it. And we’re very excited to have Kim back at the User Interface 16 Conferenceto give a full-day workshop on scenarios. Her workshop was one of the highest rated at last year’s conference. Explore Kim’s workshop and the other seven workshops offered UI16.

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