UI16 Spotlight: Immersive Field Research Techniques with Steve Portigal

Jared Spool

August 1st, 2011

[In essence, the User Interface 16 Conference is all about the full-day in-depth workshops. This is my third entry in our series to introduce you to the amazing workshop faculty we’ve assembled.]

More and more, we’re finding ourselves in situations where the design just “has to be right.” No longer, can we just have incremental feature enhancements or small improvements in the design. Our users need to be wow’d and delighted. And adding large fonts in bright colors with rounded corners will only take us so far.

To truly delight our users, we need to dig deep into what is meaningful and valuable to them. Give them something that resonates and they will jump for our design.

We can discover those resonance points by taking our research into the field. We meet the users in their own environments, observing them as they live their lives and do their work. We bring back oodles of data, which, once we analyze and synthesize, we can reveal the delightful essence of new designs.

Steve Portigal has traveled all over the world to do just that. He’s spent thousands of hours in people’s homes, offices, and the other places of their lives, just to learn more about what will delight them. His work with design teams has taught them to mine their rich data sources and uncover a wealth of value and meaning to design for.

Steve’s full-day workshop at UI16 will take you through the entire process. Prepare for a hard day of work, which starts with a real field visit. You’ll bring back observations that you’ll work with for the rest of the day. Under Steve’s expert guidance, you’ll learn the best methods for interviewing users, analyzing the data, and synthesizing the key meaning.

You’ll be ready to head right into the field the moment you get back to your office.

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