Materials from the Web App Masters 2011 Tour Are Now Available

Lauren Cramer

August 10th, 2011

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s Web App Masters Tour, we have the next best thing for you and your organization: Web App Masters 2011 OnDemand.

This is your opportunity to hear all 12 Masters from the Tour give their 75-minute presentations. The OnDemand collection consists of 15 hours of audio recordings, Q&A from the audience, and the Masters presentation decks. It’s a toolkit that you can share with everyone in your office. You can access it any time you want, as often as you want.

Web App Masters OnDemand covers these topics

  • Constructing sites for active communities
  • Building native device vs. mobile browser-based applications
  • Producing beautiful data visualizations
  • Using data for design decisions
  • Integrating infographics and games to engage your users
  • Designing for mobile first
  • Handling rich interaction techniques on multiple devices & platforms
  • Looking at AARP’s journey into web-based applications
  • Conducting successful kickoff meetings
  • Finding users’ deepest needs and desires
  • Designing’s Cloud Apps
  • Creating great design principles for your team
  • Ensuring a positive user experience with mobile

Learn more about Web App Masters OnDemand.

With Web App Masters 2011 OnDemand you’ll get

  • Fifteen hours of audio from 12 Masters
  • The best of the Q&A from all the tour stops
  • Presentation slides from all 12 talks
  • Unlimited access to the material any time you want it, as often as you want it

Order Web App Masters 2011 OnDemand now

No pre-ordering and no waiting for a disc. With just a few clicks, you can have Web App Masters OnDemand at your fingertips and start to improve your web apps today.

Purchase Web App Masters OnDemand by August 30, 2011, for $179. After the 30th, the price
increases to $229.

Now go get your bundle of goodness.

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