UIEtips: 12 Best Practices for UX in an Agile Environment – Part 1

Jared Spool

August 17th, 2011

When shooting the movie, the director doesn’t necessarily film the scenes in the order they’ll appear once edited. Instead, the filmmakers shoot the pieces according to other constraints, such as the availability of actors or locations, or accommodating variability in the weather. It’s not unusual for the movie’s final climax to be among the first scenes shot.

The same can be true in an Agile development process. Often times, the team will start with a piece of the project that isn’t the first thing the user experiences, but instead might be at the end.

In this week’s UIEtips we are revisiting part one of an article we published by Jeff Patton in 2008 on his 12 Best Practices for UX in an Agile Environment. Jeff has been working with Agile teams and user experience professionals to discover the best methods to work together to create great results.

Jeff mentioned that user experience designers on the Agile team end up adopting a similar role to the person who gets the credit of “Continuity” in a film. It becomes their job to make sure the final experience makes sense, even though the order of construction was not linear. This is a huge challenge and one that has come to the forefront as more teams move to an Agile development method.

Read Jeff’s article 12 Best Practices for UX in an Agile Environment – Part 1.

Jeff is also presenting our next virtual seminar Story Mapping for UX Practitioners: Tying Agile & UX Together. If you work in an Agile environment and you’re struggling to weave UX thinking and principles into the iterative process, you’ll definitely want to attend this seminar.

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