Convincing Your Boss to Send You to UI16

Lauren Cramer

August 31st, 2011

You see the value in attending the User Interface 16 Conference. You see how the full-day workshops provide the tools and techniques to create a better user experience. But how do you convince your boss to send you?

Why you need to be in Boston, November 7-9.

  • Invest in your skills
  • Spend a little money now to increase your skill set. It’s far less expensive for your organization than searching and recruiting new talent with a skill set your team needs. Companies who invest in their employees reap the benefits of your new skills and save money by leveraging your newfound expertise.

  • Invest in your site’s experience
  • Attending UI16 gives you techniques to bring more functionality to your web design right away. The users’ experience will improve which, in turn, brings in more revenue.

  • Invest in your attitude
  • One of the most frequent comments we hear from past attendees is how inspired and motivated they feel after attending the conference. When you return to the office, you’ll be itching to put into action all the cool ideas and techniques you learned.

  • Invest in your team
  • You’re not just educating yourself. You bring back valuable insights, knowledge, skills, and resources that everyone on your team can benefit from and share. A large contingent of attendees conduct formal knowledge-sharing meetings upon their return.

What you and your company get when you attend UI16

A lot comes with the $1,649 registration fee.

  • Register now and guarantee your picks for the full-day workshops on Monday and Wednesday (when it’s time to choose them).
  • Choose 4 featured talks on Tuesday and be the first to hear a brand new keynote from Jared Spool.
  • Receive all the presentation slides and materials from every single workshop and featured talk.
  • Get the audio and video recordings post conference from all the featured talks and Jared’s keynote. We encourage you to share these recordings with everyone on your team.
  • Share best practices and discover new solutions with fellow attendees and
    speakers at the networking activities.
  • Use your new designers toolkit to explore your design ideas.

Learn how UI16 will change the way you work.

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