Free Access to UI15 Recordings and Materials

Lauren Cramer

October 11th, 2011

Get all of the recordings and slide decks from last year’s User Interface 15 Conference for free.

We’re celebrating this year’s User Interface 16 Conference’s fantastic program by giving everyone access to last year’s great show. The recordings and slide decks contain these great topics:

  • Engaging team members in the design process
  • Developing a content strategy
  • Designing for mobile
  • Evangelizing design within the corporate culture
  • Understanding styles of decision making
  • Incorporating testing and prototyping
  • Making successful personas
  • Evolving design ideas
  • Creating a UX library

You’ll hear from these top UX experts: Luke Wroblewski, Kristina Halvorson, Nathan Curtis, Dan Rubin, Leah Buley, Dave Gray, Kim Goodwin, Tamara Adlin, and Jared Spool.

How to get the free recordings?

It’s easy. Just sign up by October 13, 11:59 PM ET and you’ll get last year’s UI15 talks and materials for free. No tricks, no gimmicks. We’ll send you an email with details on how to access this bundle of goodness.

Now hurry and get last year’s UI15 recordings before October 13, 11:59 pm ET.

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  1. will welch Says:

    Thank you. I look forward to listening.

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