Adding the “How To” to Data Visualizations

Adam Churchill

January 16th, 2012

Visualizations are an increasingly popular way designers use to convey complex, data-driven ideas. But with so much data to choose, how do you decide which story is the most appropriate one to tell? And how do you then tell it? On February 2, find out from Noah Iliinsky.

In his UIE Virtual Seminar, Telling the Right Story with Data Visualizations, Noah will provide demo data to teach you how to effectively conceptualize, plan, and ultimately design powerful visualizations that tell the right story. But be advised: you’ll never look at data the same way again.

You’ll learn to:

  • Decide what story to tell with your abundance of data
  • Choose the best data for telling that story effectively
  • Select which encodings best align with the data
  • Design visualizations that clearly convey meaning

If you’ve read all the blog posts and still find yourself stumped with how to design visualizations of complex data, then this seminar is right up your alley. Get a step-by-step guide to reviewing, choosing, and designing effective data visualizations.

We’re bringing back Noah Iliinsky to follow up one of the most popular UIE Virtual Seminars of 2011—Information Visualization: Letting Data Tell the Story. Register for his February seminar with the code VISUALIZATION, and we’ll send you access to his first seminar.

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    Thanks, Daniel. Another resource you’ll love is Noah’s blog –

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