UIEtips: Discovering Web App Structure – A Discussion with Hagan Rivers

Jared Spool

February 7th, 2012

It’s easy for web applications to get overly complicated. Ideally, complex applications help their users solve complex problems, making their lives simpler. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Vague commands, useless dashboards, and confusing navigation create headaches for users by otherwise well-meaning applications. Often this can be a product of the structure of the application itself.

Hagan Rivers is a walking encyclopedia of web app design knowledge. A frequent speaker at our events, she has an amazing knack for making the highly complex digestible and easy to understand. Examining the structure of your application can reveal the places where your users struggle and provide you with opportunities.

In today’s UIEtips, we’re reprinting an interview that I had with Hagan about web application design. It was a fun discussion, talking about how she’s come up with the concepts, such as hubs, interviews, and her technique for diagramming the structure of web apps.

Read the article, Discovering Web App Structure: A Discussion with Hagan Rivers.

Hagan will also be bringing her expertise to an upcoming UIE Virtual Seminar, Designing Dashboards: The Do’s, Don’ts, and D’ohs!. She’ll show you a bunch of dashboards. And she’ll give you tips for helping stakeholders understand the implementation benefits and drawbacks of seemingly simple components, from graphs to customizable panels. You won’t want to miss it!

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