10 Tips for Designing Effective Surveys – A 2/28 Next Step Virtual Seminar

Adam Churchill

February 8th, 2012

Sure, you already know that data-driven decision-making can be a great thing. And a survey can be a great way of getting hold of a lot of data. But if you’ve ever had to complete a frustrating survey asking seemingly mindless questions, and we all have, then the idea of having to design one yourself might make you shudder.

In her seminar on February 28, 10 Tips for Designing Effective Surveys, Caroline Jarrett will talk about how to rescue already-in-progress surveys and strengthen their performance, as well as how to approach new surveys from scratch. The next time you need your surveys to obtain useful user data, you’ll have some practical ideas on how to get the best from them.

You’ll learn to:

  • Entice site visitors to participate in surveys
  • Get users to engage with your questions
  • Help your users answer questions accurately
  • Deliver survey feedback to stakeholders

If you’ve ever heard, “Let’s do a survey,” then register now so you can learn to obtain insights through a pragmatic method that facilitates clearer decision-making.

We’re creating the Next Step Series in cooperation with Rosenfeld Media.

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