Start Full Screen: Organize, Communicate, & Annotate HTML Prototypes – A Special 3/7 Online Seminar

Adam Churchill

February 14th, 2012

If your team is transitioning from static documentation to iterative HTML prototypes, then Nathan Curtis’ March 7 seminar, Start Full Screen, is right up your alley. Nathan will talk about how his team at EightShapes brought it’s renowned modular philosophy of modular components and libraries for producing PDFs to prototyping using simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You’ll hear how to efficiently chunk your own designs into reusable bits, then communicate and annotate the prototype, including all of its variations and flows for stakeholders and teams alike.

You’ll walk away knowing how to package your project prototypes, then tailor conversations to be of and around the experiences rather than walking through a document. And with the registration comes both EightShapes’ CSS & JavaScript library and a sample HTML prototype that demonstrates all the concepts covered.

You’ll learn to:

  • Build HTML prototypes and organize them systematically
  • Break designs into small, reusable components
  • Use an HTML prototype to communicate an entire experience
  • Annotate and collaborate using basic markup

If you’re an enthusiastic proponent of efficient and responsive design, then register now. Because you’ll achieve both more quickly with Nathan’s guidance.

These special online seminars are created in cooperation with our friends at EightShapes.

One Response to “Start Full Screen: Organize, Communicate, & Annotate HTML Prototypes – A Special 3/7 Online Seminar”

  1. Gregg Williams Says:

    I know some basic HTML but by no means am I an expert. I am trying to teach myself about HTML and CSS to change careers and start my own Indianapolis web design company. I didn’t want to spend the 149 bucks if it was for advanced HTML coders. How advanced is the webinar?

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