UIEtips: What The Karate Kid Can Teach Us About Agile and UX

Jared Spool

February 22nd, 2012

It’s amazing how learning a new skill or process can make you feel overwhelmed and out of your comfort zone. Sometimes we’re asked to follow a set of tasks or procedures that just doesn’t make sense and seems repetitious. Yet after a period of time we start to see how these tasks connect, make sense, and eventually become second nature. The “aha moment” of mastering a new skill is usually subtle mostly because it takes so much practice to become good at this new skill.

In today’s UIEtips, Jeff Gothelf compares the lessons that the Karate Kid experiences to how you adapt Agile into UX. I think you’ll find this comparion interesting and enlightening.

Read the article, What The Karate Kid Can Teach Us About Agile and UX.

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