UX Immersion: $1,349 Price Extended Until Wed., Feb 29

Lauren Cramer

February 24th, 2012

After selling out the original 100 seats for the UX Immersion Conference, we decided to extend the lowest price of $1,349 until Wednesday, February 29. The price will definitely go up, so register now and save money.

Don’t miss out on the newest, most critical thinking around two separate and important UX topics: mobile design and the Agile process.

You’ll pick from 6 different all-day workshops for April 23 and April 25. On April 24, you’ll attend a day of featured talks.

Agile Workshops

Mobile Design Workshops

Discover the UX Immersion Conference at UXIM.co.

UX Immersion 2012 - Agile/Mobile

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