Tools to Make You a Stronger UX Pro

Lauren Cramer

March 8th, 2012

Not only does the UX Immersion 2012 Conference, being held in Portland, OR, April 23-25, dive deep into two important UX topics—Agile development and Mobile design, we’ll also supply you with a special designer’s toolkit when you register by March 13.

You’ll be the envy of all your co-workers

Register by March 13 and you receive a free designer’s toolkit filled with the following items:

  • A sketchpad loaded with different templates to sketch your ideas
  • A variety of sketching utensils to give your designs life
  • A mesh bag to keep all those great sketching utensils together
  • An organizer making it easy for you to bring the kit to meetings

Find out more about the toolkit.

Immersive Education makes you a better UX Pro

At the UX Immersion conference you’ll choose from 6 different full-day workshops on Agile development or mobile design. Plus you’ll have a full day of 90-minute talks to catch some of the material from other workshops you didn’t choose.

Explore the full UX Immersion Conference agenda.

UX Immersion 2012 - Agile/Mobile

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