What Happens When Agile Messes Up Your UX Process

Jared Spool

March 12th, 2012

It’s quite something when you get to the point when your UX process is working well. It all seems to flow together. You’re getting input into the early part of the process. You’re ready when the requirements show up. You’ve got a solid set of deliverables that the developers look forward to receiving. Everything fits together nicely and it feels great.

Then, suddenly, you hear that “A word” – Agile. Suddenly, nothing fits any more. There are no requirements. The focus is on producing code quickly. Nobody is talking about the big picture. UX doesn’t seem to have any place in the process. It feels like we’ve taken a step backwards, into a time before UX.

The thing is that it doesn’t have to be this way. UX and Agile work well together, if you know how. In fact, when done really well, it’s a much better way to get results than any other development process.

An Agile process, integrated with UX, needs to have explicit design points. The UX folks need to completely understand how Agile works and how their team is implementing it, as almost every implementation is unique to the organization. And the rest of the team needs to see how UX can improve the productivity of their work and the quality of their results.

This is why we’ve asked Hugh Beyer to give us a full day to immersing ourselves in integrating UX into an Agile process. He’s got a ton of experience making this works with all types of teams and he’ll share the best techniques and tricks for making it work. It’s perfect for the UX Pro who wants to get back to that point where everything is in order and completely under control.

Take a look at everything Hugh Beyer is covering in Getting Started With UX Inside Agile Development, his full-day workshop at the UX Immersion Conference on April 23.

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