UIEtips: Making Sense of Mobile Within the Enterprise

Jared Spool

March 14th, 2012

It’s not surprising that employees are looking to access company intranets on mobile devices. After all, the growth of mobile devices and applications is staggering. From executives to associates, more people are using smart phones, tablets, and BYOD (bring your own device), to share documents, update data, and retrieve files within their organization.

In today’s UIEtips, we have one of the foremost experts on mobile and intranets. James Robertson shares some tips on planning and delivering enterprise mobility. I’m sure you’ll find this article a great place to start if you’ve been thinking about mobile within the enterprise.

Read the article: Making Sense of Mobile Within the Enterprise.

We’re lucky to have James participate in two different UIE events. On April 4, James presents, Bringing Order to Your Intranet, a 90-minute online seminar. He’ll also be conducting a full-day workshop, Mobile Design for Enterprise Intranets, at the UX Immersion conference on April 25.

One Response to “UIEtips: Making Sense of Mobile Within the Enterprise”

  1. Mahesh Says:

    I liked the post “Making Sense of Mobile Within the Enterprise.”

    Sometime back we were evaluating use of mobile platform for auto development OEM.
    Key functions were “approval of drawings”. Product data being invariably complex and voluminous at times gets extremely painfull for approvers to navigate, review (even in the web world)

    With possibility of using 3D viewing apps and access to enterprise applications we hope to make this approval process efficient someday !


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