10 Reasons You Should Attend UX Immersion

Lauren Cramer

March 16th, 2012

At UX Immersion in Portland, OR, April 23-25, you’ll hear the newest, most critical thinking around two separate and important topics: mobile design and the Agile process.

Why you should attend reasons 1-6: The workshops

  1. UX Design Inside Agile Development with Hugh Beyer
  2. Apply practical techniques to integrate proven UX processes through effective communication.

  3. Mobile UX: From Principles to Prototypes with Rachel Hinman
  4. Get the fundamentals and practical techniques for delivering the best mobile experiences.

  5. Lean UX: A Seasoned Approach to Designing in Agile with Jeff Gothelf
    Learn Lean UX techniques that will radically change the way you approach your design process.
  6. A Detailed Look at Designing Mobile Input with Luke Wroblewski
    Design intuitive mobile forms that help guide your users to put the right data in quickly.
  7. Demystifying jQuery for Agile Prototyping with Dave McFarland
    Discover how easy it is to create interactive prototypes in just minutes with jQuery.
  8. Mobile Design for Enterprise Intranets with James Robertson
    Learn how to design great intranet apps using the latest technologies.

Why you should attend reasons 7 – 10: Conference features

  1. One day of Featured Talks
    Hear from the speakers whose workshops you aren’t attending on the latest ideas in Agile and mobile design.

  2. Complete Conference Materials
    You’ll get PDFs for every session and workshop.
  3. Recordings of the Featured Talks
    Relive every Featured Talk at your office with your team through the audio and video recordings.

  4. Topic Tables and Networking Reception
    Meet UX Pros just like yourself, facing the same challenges and discovering new solutions.

Bonus reason! Register with the promotion code GIFT and get the designer’s toolkit.

Register by March 29 for the $1,649 price. Learn more at UX-IMMERSION.com.

UX Immersion 2012 - Agile/Mobile

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