UIEtips: Cost Effective Approaches to Iteration in Agile UX

Jared Spool

March 21st, 2012

Try out an idea. See how it works. That’s the basics of an iteration, which we’ve used in our user experience work since the beginning.

On the surface, it feels like when a team moves to an Agile development method, they are also moving to an iterative process. After all, what is a series of sprints but iterations on the design.

In today’s UIEtips, I look at what happens when we try to iterate in an Agile process and, with the help of InContext’s Hugh Beyer, why that doesn’t always work the way we’d hope. Then I look at two approaches that lower the costs of iteration and make them more desirable for Agile teams. If you’re working in Agile, you’ll want to read this one closely.

Read today’s article: Cost Effective Approaches to Iteration in Agile UX.

By the way, I’m the biggest Hugh Beyer fan on the planet. I’m thrilled that he’s doing a full-day workshop for us at this April’s UX Immersion conference in Portland. It’s been a blast working with him on the session, and I know it’s going to be great. Peruse the outline and sign up quickly – space is limited and it’s filling up.

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  1. Ryan Duffy Says:

    Any thoughts on how something like invisionapp.com plays in to this? Full disclosure, I work there/here. But before, as an independent, I scanned in paper prototypes and shared them via browser. Then they turned into wireframes, then design. All iterating at each stage. Process tays fast all the way up to pixel perfect UI.

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