UIEtips: Device Experiences & Responsive Design

Jared Spool

March 28th, 2012

It’s not uncommon for people to multi-task between 2-3 devices during their day. A person
may have their laptop out accessing the company intranet, while using their tablet for
research, and finally checking their smart phone for their email. And it’s rare for a
person to use one device for just one activity. Most of the time a user is jumping between
different applications and sites on multiple devices. This makes designing applications
and web sites a challenge. How is the user accessing and using this information and on
what device?

In today’s tips, Luke Wroblewski shares two techniques to make the process of designing
web applications and sites for multiple devices more manageable: classifying device
experiences and designing/building responsively. I’m sure you’ll find Luke’s article quite

Read today’s article: Device Experiences & Responsive Design.

We’re very excited to have Luke as part of our UX Immersion Conference in Portland, OR,
April 23-25. Luke’s full day workshop, A Detailed Look at Designing Mobile Inputs, will
help you design intuitive mobile forms that help guide your users to put the right data in
quickly. Learn more about his workshop.

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