UIE Tips: 4 Tricks To Quick Intranet UX Improvements

Jared Spool

April 5th, 2012

It sucks when an employee tells you how frustrating the new intranet system is that they went home crying and didnʼt want to come to work. The systems we build shouldnʼt becausing anxiety attacks in our co-workers.

Yet thatʼs exactly what happened in one company. As a result of a merger, they swapped in a new system for everyone to use. Customer service reps with 20 years of experience suddenly found themselves incapable of performing basic functions, frustrating the loyal customers they were trying to serve. What was once a routine order change now needed a call to an understaffed help desk with huge hold times. Nobody was happy.

It was clear to see from this company that a simple focus on user experience could bring great benefit. Identifying simple improvements in the new system could smooth many of the issues, which translated immediately into improved customer service and better business results.

In todayʼs UIEtips, I share four tricks weʼve found work well when looking to improve the user experience of intranets and internal systems. These tricks create a quick list of fixes that reflect nicely on an organizationʼs bottom line. If you do any work on your companyʼs intranet (and you should be), this is a great place to start.

Read today’s article: 4 Tricks To Quick Intranet UX Improvements

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