5 Reasons You Should Attend the User Interface 17 Conference

Lauren Cramer

June 27th, 2012

We could list dozens of reasons why you should attend the User Interface 17 conference in Boston, November 5-7. But we know you’re busy, so here are the top five for you.

1. Two full-days of intensive, deep dive workshops
Each day you’ll be immersed with one of the UX experts learning the critical skills, tools, and techniques you need to master that topic.

2. One day of insightful short talks
You’ll get exposure to all the full-day workshop topics and presenters that you didn’t attend.

3. Networking events
Join your peers and the presenters to discuss best practices, success stories, and common issues.

4. Post-conference recordings to share
Relive the experience with your team with audio and video recordings of the featured talks.

5. Presentation slides and materials
You’ll get PDFs for every session and workshop from the conference.

Bonus: Register now and you’ll receive a personal designer’s tool kit
You certainly don’t want to worry about the tools you use to get your message across. So we made a tool kit for you and it’s yours for free when you register for UI17.

Explore UI17 at UICONF.com. Just 115 spots left at the $1,395 price.

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