UIEtips: Designing What’s Never Been Done Before

Jared Spool

July 10th, 2012

“We’re designing something that nobody’s ever built before. What’s the best way to ensure
we create a great design solution?”

We often get this question. Usually it’s from someone who understands a process for making solid incremental UX improvements, but is worried those techniques won’t work when they try to design something that’s revolutionary in nature.

Alas, we have techniques for designing revolutionary new solutions. That’s the subject of today’s UIEtips. You’ll learn how creating working scenarios and employing a studio workshop make for a great process to get to solid innovative designs.

Read the article: Designing What’s Never Been Done Before.

If you want to know more about creating scenarios, then you’ll want to attend Kim Goodwin’s fabulous User Interface 17 Conference daylong workshop on the topic. It was one of last year’s top-rated workshops and you’ll see why — she’s brilliant. Also, we’ve asked Aaron Irizarry and Adam Connor to deliver their own daylong workshop on conducting a design studio workshop. Perfect for teams looking to innovate quickly. There’s more information on UI17 at UICONF.com.

How have you ensured your team explored the problems behind your never-before-done designs?
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