Tools to Make You a Stronger UX Pro

Lauren Cramer

July 12th, 2012

Get your free designer’s tool kit when you register by August 3, 2012.

Not only does the User Interface 17 Conference dive deep into important UX topics, we’ll also supply you with a special designer’s tool kit when you register by August 3.

Your tool kit goodies include

    UI17 designers tool kit

  • A sketchpad loaded with different templates to sketch your ideas
  • A package of high–end multi–liner inking pens
  • A variety of sketching utensils to give your designs life
  • A mesh bag to keep all those great sketching utensils together
  • An organizer making it easy for you to bring the kit to meetings

See more tool kit details.

Immersive education makes you a better UX pro

At the User Interface 17 Conference you’ll choose from 8 different all-day workshops on advanced design processes, flexible team–based techniques, and multi–device solutions. Plus you’ll have a full day of 90-minute presentations to catch some of the material from other workshops you didn’t choose. 3 days you can’t miss.

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