UIE’s Most Popular Resource & Information Tweets from July 15-21

Lauren Cramer

July 24th, 2012

Here’s a recap of the resources and information we shared on Twitter last week.


  • Food for thought – @jmspool’s new post in response to Google’s take on people hating change.

  • This would be a really cool way to build all sorts of designs – It’s worth watching the 55 sec. video


  • A new web site by Adam Connor and Aaron Iziarry dedicated to the details of design critique.



  • Missed the UX Immersion Conf. on Agile process & mobile design? Experience it with UXIM OnDemand

Networking, Building Skills, and Design Process

  • Did you know we podcast with some well known UX experts? Come explore the library!

Usability Testing

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What have you been thinking about this week? What resources rolled in that you’d like to share? Let the UIE followers know by adding your comment below.

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