UIEtips: Design Studio Workshop – Adding Up the Benefits

Jared Spool

July 25th, 2012

In today’s UIEtips, I discuss how a design studio workshop can help your team work through various design challenges and the benefits these workshops bring to the team. Here’s an excerpt from the article:

A Ton of Tiny Benefits

What we love about the workshop is all the little tiny perks that come from going through the process, starting with the preparations. People love to be included in coming up with design ideas. So being invited to participate is an instant team bonding activity. When we form our working groups, we always match up people who don’t normally work together, which makes that bonding work even better.

Figuring out which design challenges to focus each group on is usually a learning experience. If we need to use the KJ technique, we come away with a new list of priorities that can drive work beyond the workshop. Even if we’re working off an existing agenda, composing the writeup for the design challenges helps with many future design activities. (We use the format we described in The Magical Short-Form Creative Brief.)

The warmup at the workshop’s start reminds everyone (especially the executive stakeholders we’ve invited) that everyone can draw simple sketches. We do a series of practice sketches of shapes and simple scenes to get everyone used to the pens and paper. Frankly, we could just stop here and we’d see a marked improvement in people’s communication of design ideas. Reminding adults they can draw is really empowering.

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Get More on Design Studio Workshops

We think this topic is critical for the UX designer so we made it one of the daylong workshops at this year’s User Interface 17 Conference in Boston, November 5-7. Adam Connor and Aaron Irizarry will give you everything you need to know to inspire your team with your own kick-ass design studio workshop.

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