UIEtips: Collaboration through the Design Studio – An Interview with Adam Connor and Aaron Irizarry

Jared Spool

September 26th, 2012

In today’s UIEtips, I discuss with Adam Connor and Aaron Irizarry how to use design studio as a process to improve team communication and achieve design goals. This article is based on a podcast I had with Aaron and Adam back in August, 2012. Here’s an excerpt from the article.

Jared Spool: So when you guys talk about studio, what do you mean by that? Because some people picture this workshop of Andy Warhol, with all these paintings on the wall and a naked guy standing in the middle waiting to be sketched. But that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Adam Connor: For me, when I think about studio, I’m thinking more of a particular structure of a collaborative activity, and the structure really follows three pretty basic steps ofsketch, present, and critique. It’s great because it’s a little microcosm of the overall design process.

When you distill it down to small time-block chunks with your team, with whoever you have on hand, it can really create a great sense of collaboration. It builds consensus pretty quickly around some very core elements of your design.

Read the full article, Collaboration through the Design Studio: An Interview with Adam Connor and Aaron Irizarry

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How do you conduct feedback sessions on your designs? Do you use a similar process mentioned in the article? How do you handle feedback that isn’t tied to the goals?
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