UIEtips: Who is on the UX Team?

Jared Spool

October 31st, 2012

In today’s UIEtips, I talk about an important difference between the best and not-so-best teams.

Here’s an excerpt from the article

The first big distinction between the struggling and successful teams was who they considered as part of their team. When we asked folks who was on their team, the members of the struggling teams limited their list to the other designers they worked with directly.

The successful team members, however, went beyond their immediate circle of designers. They included people we wouldn’t normally associate with design work—the developers, product managers, QA folks, support personnel, and even executives.

While the struggling teams looked only to their nuclear design team, as it were, the successful teams were embracing a larger, extended design team. The extended design team included anyone who made decisions that inevitably affected the outcome of the design and the experience of the users.

Read the article: Who Is on the UX Team?.

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2 Responses to “UIEtips: Who is on the UX Team?”

  1. Lisa Fiedor Says:

    I was surprised to see that an accessibility specialist, or at least someone with accessibility skills and knowledge, was not included on this list of important team members.

  2. Jared Spool Says:

    Lisa, it’s my belief that everyone on the team needs to know how to build accessibility into a design. It’s not a separate skill set, but something that’s part of all the skills of UX.

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