UIEtips: All Content is Marketing

Jared Spool

November 7th, 2012

In today’s UIEtips, Des Traynor talks about good practices to create effective marketing content.

Here’s an excerpt from the article

Customer seminars should focus on education. A quick tour of the application will ground your customers and make sure everyone is on the same page, but beyond that it’s important to teach them bigger ideas.

Project management seminars could focus on “running profitable projects” rather than “how to post a message”, and email campaign tools should focus on “writing emails that convert” rather than how to customize a template.

It’s a nice idea that your customers literally can’t work out how to, say, “invite a teammate” and have registered for a one hour seminar just to find out, but it’s more likely that they’re looking for some better insight into how to get the most from your software. Boring seminars are a waste of everyone’s time.

Read the article: All Content is Marketing.

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