Building a UX Team? Buy this Book

Jared Spool

November 12th, 2012

Lou Adler’s Hire With Your Head is a hidden treasure. The best $19.77 you’ll ever spend. It will help you ensure you get the absolute best UX team, even though ‘user experience’ is not mentioned once in the entire book.

Lou shares several head-slappingly simple techniques for hiring the best folks, which is something you can’t skimp on. In fact, hiring is the most important thing a team can do, and it takes the entire team to do it well.

There are many great bits of wisdom in this book, which lays out a hiring process that, when followed, produces great hires without a ton of stress or guesswork. A couple of these bits stand out with me as amazing.

One which I love is what you do first, before you write the job description, the job ad, or talk to your first candidate: you write the new employee’s first year performance review. In this review, you assume your future ux professional performed awesomely, so the review is all about the great accomplishments they had.

That’s where the genius come in. When you’re done with the review, you’ve got a solid list of accomplishments that person will have. That becomes the basis of your job description, your advertisement, and how you’ll interview and assess each candidate.

Lou’s thesis is that you should look for a certain number of years of experience or a list of skills the candidate claims they have. Instead, you look at the specific, comparable experience the candidate has.

Looking for someone who will make the transition to mobile with your team? Then you probably want a candidate who has already done that. Lou has you ask specifically for the candidate’s past project work that meets the criteria of what you’re looking for in the ux professional’s future work.

Even if they haven’t transitioned to mobile before, maybe they’ve been instrumental in another transition? You can dive deep into that comparable experience.

If you’re looking to expand your team, you need to read about this and all the other helpful hints Lou’s packed into this great book.

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