On November 29 – Solutions for A World of Countless Devices

Adam Churchill

November 16th, 2012

We’re excited about our next virtual seminar, Solutions for A World of Countless Devices. It’s happening later this month and is being presented by one of the smartest people we know—Peter-Paul Koch. You may know him as PPK.

Whether you are just starting to consider mobile design or are extending your organization’s digital experiences into cross-channel territory, PPK will be your guide.

Think of all the screens we look at today—from desktop monitors and TV’s to mobile phones and tablets. But how does each affect users’ expectations, what influences users’ device purchase in the first place, and why is responsive design the way forward? These are the questions PPK will answer so you can craft responsive designs for our increasingly multi-device world.

If you know there’s more to mobile design than iPhone and Android devices, then this seminar is for you. Save your team’s spot today!

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