Mobile Design – Peer into Your Future

Lauren Cramer

November 20th, 2012

You’re about to see a project we’ve been working on for several months. At the UX Immersion Conference 2013, April 22–24 in Seattle, you’ll be immersed in day–long workshops that focus on the newest, most critical thinking around mobile design.

We’ve got the best mobile UX experts rocking this year’s UX Immersion Mobile Conference:

  • Luke Wroblewski – Mobile Input Design

    When to use gestures, censors, and geolocation as user inputs.

  • Jason Grigsby – Responsive Design Strategy

    Where to insert responsive design work in your existing process.

  • Cyd Harrell – Mobile User Research Strategy

    Who is involved in remote usability testing and mobile user research.

  • Karen McGrane – Adaptive Content Design for Mobile

    What content strategy means to multi-channel publishing.

  • Chris Risdon – Putting Mobile into CX Design

    Why exploring the entire customer experience is essential to design.

  • Kelly Goto – Multi-device Prototyping

    How to create prototypes for native and mobile web experiences.

Registration Opens Tuesday, December 4—Get First Dibs

There are only 125 spots available at the $1,349 price. Get a jump start on saving your spot when you sign up for the UXIM VIP list. While you register on 12/4, everyone else needs to wait until 12/6.

There are other perks besides being first to register when you’re a VIP. You’ll get special UXIM discounts, guaranteed workshop choices until 2/8 (even if you didn’t get to grab one of the 125 spots), a designer’s toolkit, and a free virtual seminar.

Explore the workshops, get your boss’s approval now, and sign up for the VIP list today.

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