UX Immersion Mobile: The Back Story

Jared Spool

December 7th, 2012

Within moments of opening up registration for our newest upcoming event, UX Immersion Mobile, we had sold almost half of the available early bird registrations. This is nuts, because these folks are signing up for the program with the most minimal of information. Yet they trust us enough to know this will be an amazing event.

We’ve earned that over the 17 years we’ve been putting on our UIE conferences, masters tours, and workshops. It’s because of the hard work we put into every event we do that people know it’s going to rock.

Like our events, the concept for the UX Immersion Mobile Conference started almost a year ago. We wanted this year’s conference to be a deep dive into an important hot UX topic. Mobile was the obvious choice, because of how it affects every aspect of how teams work.

We decided to start with the full-day workshops. We love the full-day workshop approach because you get a deep, intensive look at the program. It’s perfect for people who want to learn to tackle their hardest challenges. In a full-day, you have time to ask questions and practice the methods. You can see where the subtlety and nuance plays a role. It’s a total immersion, which is what we’re all about.

Because this conference is focused on mobile UX, we needed to find six presenters who can cover all the different areas. Some were obvious choices, like Luke and Kelly. Others, we needed to find more details on.

Nobody gets on our program until I’ve had a chance to see them present. Just because you’re smart or have written a great book doesn’t automatically make you a great presenter. With full-day workshops, it’s a long time to sit in a room with someone who is hard to listen to.

Fortunately, I go to enough conferences every year to these folks. For example, I saw Chris at the IA Summit and Cyd at UX Friday. I knew they had the dynamic presentation style and depth of knowledge we needed to make it work.

We’ve been working with each speaker to custom design their workshops. It’s critical that each one get into the depth they need, but they can’t overlap with the other presenters. This way, hardly a moment is wasted on duplicate information and techniques. All that coordination takes work, and that’s what we’ve been doing.

We’re so confident we’ve put together a great program, that we can offer our 100% guarantee. We promise you’ll get what you need. When we get the full-session descriptions up in January, you’ll know exactly what the presenters will cover in their workshops. If that sounds awesome to you, then sign up, because we know you’ll get what you need to create great designs. Or we’ll give you your money back.

The early bird registrations are going fast. We’ll have seats at the $1,689 regular price once the initial 125 seats are sold, but if you trust us like all these other folks, you can save yourself a little money by registering now. (Don’t delay, though. As you can see, these early bird seats are going fast.)

Go explore the conference, and we’ll see you in Seattle in April.

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