Sketching for Understanding – A Special EightShapes Seminar with Nathan Curtis on 1/17

Adam Churchill

January 9th, 2013

With collaborative sketching techniques to orient and unify teams, it’s no surprise that you are embracing sketches to explore design ideas earlier in a creative process. But what are your goals for sketching, and how do they translate to your organization or team? And what are some great techniques you can start using right now?

In Sketching for Understanding, Nathan Curtis of EightShapes will lead you through the processes, people, and purposes behind different types of sketches. Whether you’re trying to sell your ideas, crystallize disparate discussions, or engage remote teams in UX decision-making, you’ll be glad you’ve got Nathan—and loads of new sketching exercises—on your side.

In the seminar, you’ll learn to:

  • Sketch with purpose
  • Sketch within large teams
  • Sketch with remote teams

So if you’re just learning about sketches or looking to capitalize on more of their productive power, this seminar should be on your calendar.

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