Strengthen your UX skills with 13 hours of recordings

Lauren Cramer

January 28th, 2013

Dive into advanced design processes, flexible team-based techniques, and innovative multi-device solutions with recordings from our sold out User Interface 17 Conference.

UI17 OnDemand brings you the skills you need to keep up with the latest tools, techniques, and processes to deliver the best user experience possible.

You’ll hear from these UX experts:

Luke Wroblewski – First Person User Interfaces
Remove distractions from UI’s and create immersive experiences.

Kevin Hoffman – Designing Stellar Meetings
Run meetings that result in better insights and bring teams together.

Kim Goodwin – Your Toughest Design Challenge
Use specific strategies to become a masterful change agent.

Aaron Gustafson – Building Adaptive Designs Now
Learn techniques to design adaptive, multi-device experiences effectively.

Dana Chisnell – Three Levels of Happy Design
Shift your thinking to start designing for emotion.

Nathan Curtis – Fearless Prototyping for Skeptics
Use HTML to prototype or sketch out your ideas.

Adam Connor and Aaron Irizarry – Discussing Design
Improve how you collect, deliver, and receive critiques.

Karen McGrane – Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content
Create a more flexible content workflow.

Purchase the recordings for $189 until February 21. After the 21st the price goes up $50.

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