UIEtips: Devising a Strategy for Responsive Design

Jared Spool

January 29th, 2013

In this week’s UIEtips, I discuss some practices to help prepare your design to be adaptive for multiple device sizes.

Here’s an excerpt from the article

This year, it will be hard to find an organization that doesn’t prioritize making their web site responsive. Yet, as we talk to organizations moving in this direction, we’re finding they haven’t nailed down their strategy for getting there yet.

The Core Tactics

Almost everything you read about responsive web design starts with what I call the core tactics — the basic elements that make responsive sites be responsive. You can’t ignore these, they form the basis of the overall strategy.

The first core tactic is discovering the breakpoints. These are the page widths that will cause design elements to re-order. In between breakpoints, items will change their size or flow, but at the breakpoints, you’ll see a sudden change in configurations.

Read the article: Devising a Strategy for Responsive Design.

Moving to Responsive Design?

The UX Immersion Mobile conference, April 22–24, in Seattle WA, has full-day workshops to make sure you get your strategy right. Jason Grigsby will show you everything you need to ensure you’ve got your core tactics in place. Karen McGrane will dive deep into creating a content strategy specifically for mobile. See the full program at UXIM.co.

What are your strategies for preparing a responsive design? Tell us about it below.

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