UIEtips: Context-Aware Design – A New Frontier

Jared Spool

February 14th, 2013

In this week’s UIEtips, I discusses the concept of context-aware design, where it is today, and the possibilities of its future.

Here’s an excerpt from the article

Imagine being in a foreign city, trying to get across town to catch a train. Not knowing where you are, relative to the train station. Getting to the station and having trouble find your way to the train. Interpreting the schedule to ensure you’re on the right train at the right time. Knowing what your food options are before you get onboard.

What could we do with that hyper connected super computer in our pocket? We could start to design an experience that puts us at ease and helps us navigate the world.

We could start simply, by giving simple direction and time estimates on when you’ll arrive at the train station, whether you take a cab, walk, or other local transportation options. This is easy to do with today’s technology.

On the same screen, we could have the information about the train we hope to catch. If it looks like we may have trouble making it to the station in time, we could give information about other routes to get to our destination city.

Read the article: Context-Aware Design: A New Frontier.

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