Storyboarding: Communicating Your Ideas with Comics & Drawings, our 3/28 Virtual Seminar

Adam Churchill

March 4th, 2013

Join us on March 28, when Kevin Cheng presents Storyboarding: Communicating Your Ideas with Comics & Drawings.

Storyboards capture an experience in a visual way. They communicate complex ideas in succinct, understandable ways—whether for planning a feature film or the user experience of an application.

Kevin Cheng uses comics to make storyboards more understandable. In this seminar, he talks about how organizations like Google, eBay, and the U.S. Postal Service have opted for comics (instead of lengthy reports or requirements docs) to tell the stories of their users and their products.

Oh, so you can’t draw? He’ll show you you can. You don’t need illustrator skills to do it, either. Kevin will show you how.

Register before March 25 and you’ll receive a free PDF chapter from Kevin’s book, See What I Mean. It’ll be in your confirmation email. No need to wait!

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