Typography in Responsive Web Design
Our April 18 Virtual Seminar

Adam Churchill

April 3rd, 2013

Join us on April 18, as Richard Rutter tackles a long awaited virtual seminar topic – typography.

When you’re dealing with different screen sizes and devices, you need to consider how web typography works fit in. In Typography in Responsive Web Design, Richard will explain why typography is like a visual hierarchy. He’ll show you what to watch out for with OpenType and how features on the edge of CSS can make (or break) user experiences. Whether you’re a designer or UX specialist, you’ll leave with tools and practical techniques that you can start applying today.

And for a few more days, you can still take advantage of a special offer. Register by Friday, April 5 and you’ll receive a free bonus virtual seminar, The How and Why of Responsive Web Design with Ethan Marcotte.

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