UIEtips: UX Design, Role-playing & Micromoments

Jared Spool

May 7th, 2013

In this week’s UIEtips, Stephen P. Anderson discusses micro-moments in design.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

Good interaction design is about attending to every moment that passes between a person and the device (or system, or service) with which he or she is interacting. These moments can be explicit, as with gestures, taps, a button-click, or the completion of a form field. Or, these moments may be more elusive, such as a pause while you try and understand what is being asked of you or how to answer. It’s these internal conversations that users have at any given moment that often get overlooked.

Read the article: UX Design, Role-playing & Micromoments.

What micro-moments have your experiences that added to — or diminished — your experience with a design? Lets us know below.

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