Controlling the Pace of UX with Content Strategy – Our 5/30 Virtual Seminar

Adam Churchill

May 13th, 2013

What happens when we slow our pace, enjoy the ride, or look around while waiting in line? Well, if there’s content to engage us, our experiences will be richer and more memorable—and our typical frustrations from “waiting” are more likely to vanish, too.

That’s the power of good content that guides us, helps us focus, and encourages us to explore: it helps us make better choices and have more positive memories of an experience.

Margot Bloomstein knows which companies use content to control and focus users’ attention. In Controlling the Pace of UX with Content Strategy, she’ll tell you how those brands structure conversations to help their target audiences make decisions. With Margot as your guide, you’ll start identifying the content hurdles that are preventing your users from feeling satisfied.

You’ll learn:

  • Determine if “slow content” is right for your company
  • Balance your brand voice with your users’ needs
  • Map interesting paths that encourage your users to learn
  • Help your users make decisions more confidently

If you know your company can do a better job of communicating with and engaging its users, then don’t miss this seminar.

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