What is innovation in UX design?

Jared Spool

May 17th, 2013

So here’s the thing: Innovation isn’t a bad word. Overused? Perhaps. But not bad.

How do I know this? Because cheese in bread, cookie dough in ice cream, and Genius Bars inside Apple stores are AMAZING.

These are just a few examples of innovation that create great user experiences. They’re creative ways of putting existing things together in new ways that add real value to users’ lives.

So that’s what our fabulous lineup of presenters will be focusing on at UI18. They’ll tackle innovation in UX design from a variety of angles.

Scott Berkun will talk about what it takes to enable innovation in the first place — from thinking creatively to managing projects, egos, and business risks. You’ll hear how to lay a foundation for developing seriously great ideas and persuading teams and management to get onboard.

Get to know your users with Christine Perfetti. Her 90-day user-research plan is perfect for organizations hungry to find opportunities to innovate. You’ll learn to recruit participants, design tasks for them, organize field studies, present the data in terms stakeholders will love.

With Kevin Hoffman, you’ll find out how to structure meetings so the creative minds on your team can rally behind powerful, innovative ideas. He’ll show you a bunch of frameworks to encourage ideas from everyone and weigh business risks before jumping to design.

Adam Connor and Aaron Irizarry will focus on building consensus around innovative design ideas through sketching, studios, and critiques. If you’ve ever experienced a “swoop and poop” of a stakeholder steamrolling ideas late in the game, then get in this workshop ASAP.

Jeff Gothelf is the leading voice behind Lean UX, a methodology to break ideas into bite-sized chunks that can be prototyped and tested super fast. See how to re-invigorate your design team and get to innovations faster, all by taking a scientific approach to design that minimizes risk.

Kim Goodwin will get your team on the innovation train, too. You’ll see how to map your user’s journey, then sketch with project managers to collaboratively define requirements. She’ll also talk about “minding the gap” in the UX across devices and within your organizational silos.

Dig deep into design details with Dan Saffer. He’ll show tons of examples of micro-interactions that delight users in unexpected, innovative ways. You’ll experiment with different types of triggers and feedback loops, then set realistic rules for your experiences to follow.

If you’re ever needed to design a data visualization or infographic, then Stephen Anderson’s workshop is up your alley. He’ll show you how innovative data interpretation can be; when you help users understand your story in new ways, they repay you in action and engagement.

Each of these fabulous presenters knows how to add real value to their users’ lives. And with their help, you’ll see which tools and processes you can use to make innovation happen.

With so many ways to measure our impact, why spend any more time trying to invent a better mousetrap?

Don’t just invent a better mousetrap. Come to UI18.

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