Broaden Your Mobile UX Knowledge with 10 Hours of Recordings

Jared Spool

June 4th, 2013

Designers have a huge challenge in front of them: Address the users’ growing demand and expectations of exceptional user experience regardless of which mobile device they use. UXIM OnDemand confronts this challenge.

Purchase these recordings for just $189 until June 21.

Luke Wroblewski – Create designs without compromising optimization

Kelly Goto – Design with your customers’ behavior in mind

Chris Risdon – Tell a visual story of what pains and delights your customers

Cyd Harrell – Make better personas with tools to interpret user data faster

Karen McGrane – Chunk your content to adapt to different contexts

Jason Grigsby – Look into the future of designing for TV

Dana Chisnell – Consider the flow instead of the UI of your design

Jared Spool – Ensure delightful content regardless of the device

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